About Jacque

The love of art began at an early age for me. Immersed in sketching, painting, and sneaking my parents cameras out to play with. Creating things from my own mind and seeing them come to fruition has always been one of my greatest pleasures.

I fell in love with photographing people. There is something so special about seeing someone differently than they do, and creating something out of my mind, just as I did as a child with my drawings. I learned I have a love for human connection, directing, and documenting something to stand the test of time. This is how I fell into weddings and portraiture.

For over sixteen years now I have photographed hundreds of weddings. Falling in love with my client's, their stories, families, and desire to allow me to create something beautiful from their wedding day. It is such an honor to be trusted with this responsibility.

I am also a mother of two beautiful children, Scarlett & Bennett. Overly romantic at heart, I wear it all on my sleeve. I'm a lover of the mountains, deep powder days, sipping coffee outside, impractical clothing, my pets, all things design, and spending precious time connecting with my family and loved ones.

"A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people."


Telling the Whole Story Through My Work

My goal when documenting a wedding day is to tell the whole story, not just the perfected and staged moments so often are focused on in wedding photography. Those moments will undoubtedly be captured, but at the same time my eye hunts all the un-staged moments that happen in between. These are what truly tell the story of a day unfolding and capture my attention most. My time spent photographing weddings has allowed me to develop the eye to find these moments naturally and effortlessly throughout the day.

I capture my work through the day on different mediums. You will often see me with multiple cameras on my harness, shooting work in digital format and some perhaps on film. Using different equipment and mediums brings me much creative freedom, and compiles a diverse gallery of images my clients have come to expect.

A historian at heart, I champion images that stand the test of time. Photographs that don't follow trends, but that offer a refreshingly modern feel.

I can't wait to meet you, learn more about you, and begin the process of documenting your story.